The Onilo Teacher Toolkit

As well as providing a wide range of well-loved, educationally relevant titles, Onilo also provides a whole toolkit of timesaving resources created by teachers. Here's how to get the most out of them!

Take a look at our activity sheets!

  • These differentiated activity sheets provide a range of different activities for pupils to complete independently after reading a Boardstory. They are designed to allow pupils to demonstrate their understanding of a text. Each activity sheet has a space for teachers to grant a student code, making them ideal to send home with pupils as a homework activity. Alternatively, they can be used as an independent follow-up activity as part of a guided reading carousel. 

Take a look at our guided reading plans!

  • Every Boardstory is book banded and comes with a guided reading plan so it can be easily incorporated into your guided reading session. Each plan outlines a set of key words to explore with children before beginning a session, as well as a set of creative ideas on how to introduce the story, assess understanding and extend thinking. A follow-up task is also suggested for each Boardstory. 

We have specialist EAL/ SEN resources!

  • Boardstories can be a particularly effective way of engaging pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) as well as those with English as an Additional Language (EAL) in reading. The animated pictures contextualise the text for those who struggle with reading as well as those learning to read in a foreign language. Onilo's carefully structured resources are specially designed to help these pupils get the most out of our Boardstories!

Take a look at our resources for the interactive whiteboard!

  • We also provide a set of interactive activities in both ActivInspire and Notebook format. These are perfect to assess a child's understanding of a text after reading a Boardstory. They usually contain a whole range of activities, including quizzes, discussion prompts and games, many of which can be completed independently by a child or group of children.

Take a look at out word cards!

  • Shared reading provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to acquire and rehearse new vocabulary. It is important to ensure pupils are introduced to unfamiliar words before tackling a text independently. Every Boardstory on Onilo comes with a set of word cards to make this task as easy for the teacher as possible. Simply download the word cards, then print and cut them out. Why not laminate them so they can be used time and time again? 

Look at our HOT questions!

  • Questions help clarify and deepen understanding of the text they are reading. We provide a set of Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions to accompany each Boardstory on Onilo. These questions are usually open and prompt discussion, encouraging divergent thinking. 

Supply Teacher? We can help!

Princess Anna or How to Find a Hero

  • We all get caught short sometimes and we can't always plan ahead. . . or can we?
  • Boardstories offer the perfect solution for supply teachers or teaching assistants, they come with a range of teaching resources ready to download in PDF or Notebook format
  • Ideal for a last-minute literacy lesson solution!

Onilo Community

Join the Onilo Community!

  • Become part of the Onilo Community! Have you used a Boardstory in one of your lessons? Was it useful?
  • Share your comments and feedback with both the Onilo team and other teachers by leaving a note in the 'Ratings and Comments' section of each Boardstory.
  • If you created your own teaching materials to accompany a Boardstory then why not upload them onto the site for other teachers to share?

Onilo Bookshelves

The Rainbow Fish- create an Onilo bookshelf!

  • To encourage the link between Onilo's digital, animated Boardstories and the physical version of a book, why not create an Onilo Bookshelf, with physical copies of well-loved stories, in your classroom?