Guided Reading

The Rainbow Fish

  • Why not use Onilo as part of your guided reading session? Incorporating Onilo's Boardstories into your guided reading routine is an excellent way of reinvigorating this essential element of teaching reading.
  • All of our Boardstories have been assigned book bands so you can choose a book for guided reading according to the level pupils are working at.
  • Our Boardstories also come with a guided reading plan, providing a suggested structure, as well as learning outcomes, for your session. 


How Can I Incorporate Onilo? 


  • Onilo can be used both as the stimulus for a guided group led by the teacher, or as an independent activity. 
  • The downloadable worksheets are ideal as Guided Reading activities which pupils can work on independently. Pupils can even use the ready-made interactive whiteboard Notebook resource.
  • When used as a stimulus for a guided group, Onilo works best when pupils sit around the board in a semi-circle, ideally also with a copy of the text.

Book Bands for Guided Reading

Please note: stated book bands are only designed to serve as a guide to the reading level of the book.

Guided Reading Colour Wheel

Each Boardstory has been assigned a suggested book band. To find out which book band a book has been assigned, simply go to the details page of the Boardstory you are interested in. 

What do you think?

Have you incorporated Onilo into your guided reading sessions? How did you get on? Share you comments and feedback with both the Onilo team and other teachers by leaving a note in the 'Ratings and Comments' section of each Boardstory. If you created your own teaching materials to accompany this Boardstory then why not upload them onto the site for other teachers to share?

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

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