Boardstories Support Learning English as an Additional Language

Broadens Vocabulary

  • Using the pause function, teachers can stop a Boardstory at any time to discuss new vocabulary. The simple animations also help pupils understand new vocabulary. 

Aid Comprehension

  • Onilo's animated Boardstories promote listening comprehension, familiarising pupils with the English language in a non-intimidating manner; the whole class can read a story together and pupils less confident at English can join in when they feel able. The colourful, animated illustrations also aid comprehension, promoting an inclusive classroom environment.   

Acquaint Students with English

  • Children immerse themselves in the English language and do not experience English as something to shy away from but rather approach learning English positively, which encourages them to speak independently. Children can often identify with the Boardstory topics.

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish, Marcus Pfister, NordSüd

Getting started: familiarising children with the text.

  • Show the children the start page of the Boardstory and have some unfamiliar words prepared. Write or draw words like “octopus” on the whiteboard and let the students explain what these words mean. This will assure the children and make them curious about the rest of the story. Why not use the Word Cards in every Teacher Toolkit

Sharing languages

  • Once you have gathered a list of key words from the story, ask the children how to say those words in their mother tongue language. 

Follow-up Task 

  • Each Boardstory comes with a workbook designed for pupils with EAL. These contain a series of tasks focussing on basic comprehension and language acquisition. Depending on each child's ability, this could be completed independently, with an adult or another child. 


Boy-Friendly Boardstory Recommendations

Wit, parody, bizarre exaggerations, and all kinds of absurd humour … 

The Ogglies: A Dragon Party for Firebottom
Now We Are Cool
Mr Wolf's Pancakes
My Brother Bernadette

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