How To Use Boardstories in Other Subjects

Varied and exciting lessons


  • A story is often the perfect springboard for many lessons, not just literacy. Introducing a new subject or topic with a story is, especially for younger pupils, a great way to get them inspired! 
  • Our Boardstories deal with a wide range of topics and are ideal for creative, cross-curricular lessons. 

Teach Science and More with Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers

Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers

  • Use this Boardstory as the springboard for a science investigation into floating. First, identify all of the boats in the story and what they are made with. Then, predict whether they would float or not. Test out these theories using a water tray. Why not get pupils to design their own boats to carry Harry to safety?
  • Make sailors hats in art to wear whilst reading the story!
  • Use Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers as the stimulus for a geography unit on the sea, shipwrecks or tsumnamis. 

Teach DT and Numeracy with Mr Wolf's Pancakes

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

  • Why not spice up your numeracy lesson by cooking pancakes? Focus on using scales, identifying and choosing different units of measurement. You could even take a class trip to the supermarket to purchase the ingredients and practice important money handling skills. 
  • After making the recipe, write it down as part of a literacy lesson.
  • In DT, set pupils the challenge of creating a sturdy bag for Mr. Wolf to carry home his things from the supermarket. You could even test these out in your own supermarket trip!