How do I register with Onilo?

In the top right-hand corner of the Onilo start page you will find the “Register” button. Simply click this button and follow the instructions in order to create your account. Once you've registered, you will get access to two Boardstories, for two months, absolutely FREE!

How do I order Boardstories?

Once you have registered on Onilo, you can purchase a Single Boardstory Pass by going to “Boardstories” – “All”. Here you can choose the Boardstory that suits you best. This special offer gives you access to one Boardstory for three month. 

You would like to order a Boardstory Library Pass, that enables you or yourself and your colleagues together to access every Boardstory? Just click on "Pricing" - "Price Overview" and choose your favourite Boardstory Library Pass! 

What is Onilo? What is a Boardstory?

At Onilo, we provide children’s books from a variety of different publishers, as Boardstories. Boardstories are lovingly animated versions of children’s books that can be viewed on the internet. The teacher can pause the moving illustrations and text at any time, hide or show the text or play the "Cliffhanger" version of the Boardstory, which will end at the most exciting part of the story.

The Boardstories can thus be read and experienced together via a data projector or interactive whiteboard in classrooms, in libraries or in other educational institutions. Whether it be for English, PSHE, History, Geography or Religious Studies lessons, we have a wide range of Boardstories that can be read online at any time.

What is a Boardstory Library Pass?

Onilo offers you a Boardstory Library Pass. It enables the user to access every Boardstory in the library, including the variety of accompanied high-quality teaching resources and lesson plans. Additionally, the user can assign Student Codes for the pupils in class to let them read the Boardstory at home. 

You can choose the Boardstory Library Pass for yourself for 3 or 12 month. If you like to share the Boardstories with a group of 2-5 users, the Key Stage Library Pass will suit your needs best. It is available for 12 month duration. As a Primary School Onilo's School Library Pass enables 6-25 users to view the whole Boardstory range for a duration of 12 months. Here you can find our Boardstory Library Passes!

What are the technical requirements for using Onilo?

Computer (PC or Mac) with: 

• Internet connection (min. 1 Mbps broadband)
• Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 8 or higher version or Mozilla Firefox)
• Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above)
• Data projector or interactive whiteboard. 

A whiteboard is not a requirement.

Where can I find my "Profile Settings"?

To see your "Profile Settings" you must be logged into your Onilo Account. Go to the "My Onilo" button on the startpage and choose "Profile Settings" from the drop down menu. 

Here, you will find your personal information, such as your registered postal address, e-mail address and/ or phone number. You can also edit your personal information and change your password. Please remember to save changes before leaving your settings. 

How can I view two Boardstories for free for two month?

Onilo offers you two Boardstories for free to trial for two month! Ideal to get to know Onilo Boardstories and their high-quality teacher toolkit.

Simply register and you will automatically be given free access to two Boardstories for 2 months. You will find these Boardstories under “My Onilo”. When the 2-month trial finishes, you will still be able to log into you account at any time.

Register now for a free Onilo trial!

Do Boardstories have features? Sound? Hide text? What else?


Many of the stories in the Onilo Boardstory Library are now enhanced with sound.  For example Happy (Dealing with Feelings) , The Rainbow Fish , Mr Wolf's Pancakes and Night Monkey, Day Monkey are just a few of our Boardstories with sounds embedded. This can be switched on or off by selecting the appropriate button on the 'Onilo Player'. 

Visit our Boardstories with Sound page for full details.

Hide/Show text:

The Onilo player enables you to hide and show the text of a Boardstory. Hide it to have a look just at the lovely illustrations with your class and let them imagine the ongoing story. Show the text to read together with your class.


The "Cliffhanger" version of a Boardstory stops at the key moment in the story, allowing pupils t use their imagination and predict what might happen next. 


This functions will play the full Boardstory by itself till the end without any control needed.

Which payment methods does Onilo accept?

You can pay by credit card or by invoice. Simply choose the payment type and/or card type when you check out. As soon as card payments have been authorised you can access your Boardstories right away.

If you select the invoice option this will be send to you via email, directly after you have placed an order. Your order will be activated as soon as the payment has been received.

Of course, we are going to inform you via email, when your payment has been received and your order has been activated.

Where do I find the Boardstories that I have purchased?

Login in at the top right hand corner with your email address and password. Then click  “My Onilo” on the menu bar. You will find an overview of your purchased Single Boardstory Pass or Boardstory Library Pass under “My Boardstories.”

How can I change my password? What if I forgot my password?

If you want to change your password, you only log into your personal Onilo account using your registered email address and your password. Afterwards you will find under the "My Onilo" button a drop down that allows you to choose "Profile Settings". Here, click on "Change password", choose a new one and save your change, before you leave the menue. 

If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgotten your password?” in the top right-hand corner of the front page and enter your registered email address in the space provided. We will send you a new password via email immediately.

Why can I not view the Boardstories?

1. You have not installed Adobe Flash Player. This is required to play Boardstories. You can download Adobe Flash Player free of charge at . Install Adobe Flash Player and refresh the website.

2. You do not have an internet connection. Check if you are still connected to the internet or if your internet connection has been interrupted.

3. Your internet connection is not fast enough to load Boardstories. Please note that you need a broadband connection of at least 1024 kbits/s to load and play Boardstories. If you have a slower internet connection, the loading time will be considerably longer.

4. Old security settings are preventing access to the Onilo Player. This could be due to SWF or FLV content on websites or on your computer using older security settings to access information on other sites or to exchange data over the internet.
→ Adjust your security settings: You can adjust your security settings on the Adobe Flash Player help site. Ascertain whether SWF or FLV content using older security settings are able to access the internet on the “Global Security Settings” panel in the Flash Player Settings Manager.  View Flash Player Help and Security Settings here.

5. The “Shockwave Flash” add-on has been deactivated
– Activating in Internet Explorer: If the Shockwave Flash Object add-on has been deactivated you need to reactivate it. To do this in Internet Explorer go to Extras → Manage Add-ons.

– Activating in Mozilla Firefox: Extras →Add-ons → Plug-ins → Activate Shockwave Flash

How do I open teaching resources in a notebook or ActiveInspire format?

You are able to use our interactive teaching resources, if you have SMART Notebook software or Promethean's ActiveInspire already installed on your interactive whiteboard or computer.

Here you can find more information about the Notebook and Activeinspire software:

For SMART Notebook software, please follow this link. Please use this link for more information about Promethean's ActiveInspire software.

What is a Student Code?

After purchasing a Boradstory Library Pass you can give your students access to particular Boardstories using “Student Codes.” Students can view Boardstories again and complete corresponding tasks at home.

You can generate Student Codes by going to My Onilo – My Boardstories, when you select an individual Boardstory simply click on then "Create Student Code" link on the right of the Boardstory description. 

What can I do, if I installed a flash-plug in, but Boardstories cannot be played?

 Please note that the security settings in your safari and firefox browser have been changed with regards to the usage of plug-ins. Your browser may block content if you haven't got the latest plug-in version installed. The browser might show you an error message like "blocked plug-in" or "upgrade you flash player version".  

In this case, please install the latest version of the flash player plug-in and start your Boardstory afterwards again. 

As well, you can amend your browser settings manuell to view blocked content. Please go to "browser-settings" and activate the flash plug-in manuell. We would recommend to install the latest version of flash player plug-in. For further information or support, please get in contact with us.