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Register at with your name and password. You will be sent an activation email which should arrive in your inbox shortly after you register, which you must confirm. Now you have access to two free Boardstories which you can try out in your classroom. This trial access expires automatically after two months.

Individual Boardstories

With Onilo, you can purchase a "Single Boardstory Pass" which will give you access to a single Boardstory simply by placing your favourite Boardstory in the shopping cart. It's up to you to when you want your three-month subscription for your Boardstory to start. 

3 Month Library Pass

3 Month Library Pass

Our 3 Month Library Pass is the ideal introduction to our Boardstories. It enables one user to explore all our animated picture books and begin to integrate them into their lessons. Audio recordings and cliffhanger versions bring the Boardstory to life in the classroom on the interactive whiteboard. Extensive teacher resources are available for each Boardstory as well as student codes so pupils can take the Boardstory home with them. You decide when your 3 months begin and if you are ready to upgrade to an annual pass or a library pass, enabling more than one user to access the Onilo Boardstory Library.

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