Plan Individual SEN Lessons with Onilo

Respond to individual reading levels

  • Using our simple player, pupils can navigate Boardstories independently and at their own speed. As well as interactive whiteboards, Boardstories can be played on computers, making them ideal as independent or small group activity.

 Engage reluctant readers 

  • Children who find reading daunting will love Onilo! First, get them hooked with the beautifully animated illustrations, which also aid understanding, then gradually introduce them to the text element.  

 Take children’s interests into account

  •  Onilo's wide range of Boardstories guarantees that you will find the perfect story for every reading level and everyone's interests.

How Do I Devise SEN Lessons using Onilo?

SEN- Ghosts Also Go To School

Ghosts Also Go to School

  • Picture books are an ideal way of getting reluctant readers to talk about a story as they can 'read' the pictures without having to worry about the text. Often, children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) can be strong in other areas like Drama. 
  • Show the children the first page of the Boardstory. Ask them to talk about what they think the book will be about. 
  • Get the children to come up with ideas about what ghosts might learn at school.
  • In mixed ability groups, ask the children to come up with a little play and act out various scenes from the Boardstory. They may add their own scenes if they like. Tell them they must be as spooky and ghostly as possible!


Specially Designed Workbooks for Pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  • Boardstories are perfect for pupils who struggle with reading. The animated images aid comprehension and the digital element is an excellent tool for motivating reluctant readers. Many of our Boardstores are narrated allowing pupils to follow the text whilst listening to the story. Often pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are required to work with a teacher or teaching assistant; Onilo's simple player can be navigated independently, giving pupils the opportunity to build their independent working skills. To assess pupil understanding, most of our Boardstories come with a free, downloadable booklet for pupils with SEN. This is full of imaginative, well-structured tasks allowing pupils to demonstrate their understanding of a text. 

Hints and Tips for using Boardstories with SEN students

Making Learning to read, easy!

  • The animated pictures help children find their own approach to the story, better understand the facts and become curious about the content of the story. Deliberately use the large pictures to awaken children’s curiosity.

Mixed level groups

  • Let your students read the Boardstories in small mixed ability groups using Student Codes. This helps to support every reading level.

What About Assembly?

  • Onilo's range of PSHE themed Boardstories make them an ideal starting point for assemblies. 

 For more ideas about how to teach PSHE, click here. 

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