The New Primary Curriculum- 'Catching up with the World's Best!'

The new draft Primary curriculum and its programmes of study, have confirmed a ‘Revolution in Education’ in order to keep up with other leading nations in education. The new draft framework proposes a greater emphasis on a rigorous curriculum for primary schools.

Changes to the curriculum are thought necessary in order to keep pace with the achievement of pupils in other countries. Although, academies will not have to follow the new curriculum.  


The proposed English programmes of study require higher standards of literacy. Pupils are expected to develop a stronger command of the written and spoken word. Through the strengthening of the teaching of phonics more pupils should read fluently. Word lists are included for Key Stage 2, with the expected focus on Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation.

How can Onilo help? 

Onilo’s digital Boardstories are crafted for the classroom to make shared reading easy and enjoyable. So rigour doesn’t have to mean boring! After all, this is primary school education!

With Onilo, teachers can share Boardstories with the whole class, read together and promote fluent expressive reading. Hide the text and enhance speaking and listening skills and confidence in reading aloud.

Also, use the teacher-created resources – our Teacher Toolkits- to teach spelling, grammar and creative writing, tailored for all abilities.


The good news is that in order to allow teachers the flexibility to deliver high quality PSHE lessons, there is no new standardised framework or programmes of study for PSHE (Hooray!).

However, schools are still expected provide a tailored PSHE education programme to equip pupils with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.

How can Onilo Help? 

Explore Onilo’s non-fiction texts and plan PSHE lessons that will help children to understand their feelings and emotions with 'Happy (Dealing with feeling)' by Isabel Thomas. 

The large images and text are also a great resource for collective worship and whole school sharing. 


The purpose of study for the new national curriculum for languages encapsulates what teachers would want for language learners of any age.

There are four attainment targets for modern foreign languages:

  Listening and responding


  Reading and responding



How can Onilo Help? 

It’s widely held that language learning encourages positive attitudes to different languages. Onilo can help you to engage learners in the classroom with a range of popular children’s stories in German such as Rainbow Fish, Mummy, I Can't Sleep and I Know Something You Don't.  A number of Spanish and French titles are also coming soon. 


Science has been accepted as a core subject in the primary phase. The curriculum builds from EYFS and children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Progressing through the key stages, the components of questioning, observation, measuring, researching, treating data and practical investigations and expected.


How Can Onilo Help? 

Scientific discovering doesn’t have to limit creativity. Engage learners in science with a popular story; ‘If Only’ by Neil Griffiths published by RedRobin Books.  ‘If Only’ explores life cycles with a tale about a little caterpillar who is going through some changes…

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