I Know Something You Don’t Know! (German)

Duration: 14 minutes

Learn unbelievable, but true animal facts in this exciting children's picture book by Brigitte Raab. Is there a bird that can fly faster than a racing car? Can a parrot be older than Eric's granddad? Would you believe that ants are stronger than weight lifters?

Learn all about these interesting facts – and more - in this Boardstory! 

Cliffhanger version: to page 23 of 29

Author: Raab, Brigitte
Illustrator: Olten, Manuela
Publisher: Oetinger
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I Know Something You Don’t Know! (German)

Read it in English? Now try it in German! Learn unbelievable, but true animal facts in this exciting children’s picture book by Brigitte Raab...

ISBN: 9780735823037

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