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Alice in Wonderland

Boardstories - Digital Children's Books for Modern Lessons


Boardstories . . .

  • are digitalised and animated children's picture books for the modern classroom.
  • are by well-known authors and illustrators.
  • are from renowned children's book publishers.
  • offer a contemporary approach to reading education with high quality children's book content, interaction and carefully designed animation.
  • accompany children to worlds of make-believe whilst overcoming reading inhibitions.
  • enable a shared reading experience. Students immerse themselves in the Boardstory and the whole class can read the animated children's books together. Everyone participates actively and the large text can even be seen from the very back of the room.
  • can be retrieved and read at any time using an interactive whiteboard or a data projector, in classrooms or libraries; or even on your computer at home!

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