What do People Have to Say About Onilo?

Onilo is used by teachers both in the UK and throughout Europe. Read about their experiences using Onilo here. 

"The sort of resource that makes my whiteboard smile"

John Dabell, Teach Primary Magazine


"Innovative, fresh, and unique, Onilo has indeed made me happy because I know I’ll use it and use it often. It’s the sort of resource that makes my whiteboard smile. Of course the biggest test is with the children. After I used it with a class today, a couple of children said to me before going home, 'Can we read some more of those stories again tomorrow. They were fun.' I think I’m onto a winner."

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"A wide variety of themes to interest boys as well as girls"

Verity King, Year 3 Teacher, Aerodrome Primary School 


"The stories cover a variety of themes to interest boys as well as girls. Onilo is child-friendly so children can use it independently. Pre-made resources are ready to use which has reduced time spent planning guided reading."

"Adds another dimension to reading."

Helen Gibson, Foundation Stage/ KS1 Leader, Sowerby Community Primary School


"It was very engaging for the children in my class, I like the cliff hangers, it adds another dimension to reading. The Boardstories go at a steady pace which gives children time to read and process."

"Large text so that all children can share and read at their own speed."


Naomi Weaver, Year 1 Teacher, Castledyke Primary School


“Boardstories have large text so that all children can share and read at their own speed. Some texts have audio which the children have enjoyed as it makes a change from me reading to them. The children have also liked being given the passwords so they can access stories from home.” 

“Even slower readers can keep up.”

Arto Riihijärvi, Principal, Pyhajürvi Primary School, Finland


"Onilo represents a new way of reading books. The whole class sees and reads the book at the same time. The partially animated Board Stories make physical books more lively and interesting for children. The teacher controls the reading tempo according to the students' abilities, so that weak readers can also keep up. The large pictures and cheerful design motivate students to read out loud.Onilo presents an alternative to ordinary reading exercises in the classroom. I like it and would like to see Finnish books on Onilo one day. "

“The potential to set an international example”

Frank Moroux, Ecole élementaire Le Petit Prince, France


"I find Onilo very appealing – the Boardstories with their different performance levels are well chosen, and the "text segments" are motivating for the students as they are very easy to read. The illustrations are of particular importance, as in combination with the text they have a strong effect on the observer. Board Stories are very accommodating for primary school lessons in that the large pictures enable the children to run to the picture if they want to show the class something.

 In addition to this, reading out loud – as individuals, in groups or together with the whole class – using this new medium does not just promote a high level of motivation amongst the students but also a high effectiveness in reading lessons. The teaching materials are very suitable, well prepared and clearly structured; and together with the Boardstories, they lead to a noticeable easing of the teacher’s workload.

On the whole: Finally an idea that has the potential to set an international example– contemporary, methodically versatile, pedagogically motivating."

“Now children want to read out loud themselves”

Theo Kaufmann, School Inspector and Chairman of the Society for Remedial Reading e.V.


"I am utterly delighted by Onilo, and what is more, students are too. Just today, I once again saw – using the example of "The Little Witch Goes Travelling" – how enthusiastically second graders reacted to the wonderful pictures and the striking and often witty animation. Compared to conventional picture book cinema, with Onilo, children take part not just passively, but rather actively, because they can read the story aloud themselves. Even children who sat at the back of the room could see the text on the wall well because the font was very big and the text was "highlighted" in smaller segments."


“Reading becomes a joint experience”

Prof. Dr. Christina Schenz, Chair for Primary School Education and Didactics at the University of Passau, Germany


"Alongside all of the other advantages that classical reading media offer, Onilo fosters the understanding of text-based moments by way of collective listening and reading on a large screen. Reading becomes a joint experience – the act of reading, which can sometimes be troublesome and, when students have difficulties, demotivation becomes another issue. First priorities are content and the development of the story. At the beginning, the children can only listen (or read along) and only after that do they successively begin to read by themselves. Children do not even notice that they are then taking part in intensive reading practice because they have developed an interest for the subject matter – and along the way they practice media competence."

“Reading and understanding the context”

Brigitte Kleiner, M.A., Praxis Elementary school at the Pedagogical College of Tirol, Austria


"Onilo makes reading fans out of reading grouches! This has been my experience as a primary school teacher. Children love the large pictures. The text, so wonderfully supported by the creatively animated pictures, is so well designed and so easy to understand. This combination of text + picture mean that reading and understanding the content becomes child’s play for ALL children from the VERY BEGINNING!"


“Striking pictures”

Christine Wartner, Director of the Library of St. Konrad/St. Korona, Passau, Germany


"Onilo is working at turning our afternoon work with children in the library upside down. Children react very well to the large, striking pictures with the corresponding and easy to read text morsels. It is precisely the combination of partial animation and necessary interaction that obviously seems to correspond to the rhythm of the present. It is not that traditional reading aloud has become passé, but Onilo presents an alternative in an elegant manner."


“New pedagogical and didactic possibilities”

Kai Nitsche, Chair for Primary Education and Didactics at Ludwig Maximillian University Munich, Germany


"The chair for Primary Education at the Ludwig Maximillian University uses Onilo within the scope of its project UNI-Klassen, where university and school come together. University students, trainee teachers, and teachers become acquainted with the attractively designed Board Stories. Furthermore, pedagogical and didactic fields of application are tested and further developed. Particularly pleasing is that Onilo has widened the offer to include foreign languages."



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