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With an Onilo Library Pass, teachers can strengthen the home-school connection with Student Codes. When logged in, those teachers with an Onilo Library Pass can generate a Student Code for each Boardstory with just one click.  That code can then be sent home with students, allowing them to access the Boardstory from a home computer with family members. 

Students can practice (and show off) their reading skills … parents can model positive reading behaviours …cherished stories can be read – over and over again!  Reading with your child can extend and enhance the classroom experience; Boardstories help families develop media literacy skills, as they learn and grow together.

Why not send some activity sheets home as homework?

We all know it's hard to get children excited about homework! So, why not use Onilo as part of a different, more interesting approach to homework in your classroom?

Simply generate a Student Code and send it home with pupils for them to access on their computer at home. They will find it easy to stop and start the story using the controls on the Onilo Player.

To assess their understanding, print off a selection of Onilo's differentiated activity sheets. Pupils will have fun completing these at home with their parents!

Strengthening Home-School Links

We all know that pupils achieve more when they are well-supported at home. This is particularly important in reading which children must, if they are to master this skill, practice every day.

Why not hold a quick information evening to introduce parents to Onilo? This will ensure they understand how to navigate Onilo and enter a Student Code. 

To give your pupils access to an Onilo Boardstory at home, click 'Create Student Code' on the Boardstory details page. Why not give them some activities to complete at home to demonstrate their understanding of the text?

Send student codes home with your pupils!